Thanks for this great list!

Since you recommended Caraway glass storage containers, what are your thoughts about their ceramic coated cookware?

Also do you recommend avoiding seed oil as a seasoning oil (not cooking oil) for cast iron and carbon steel cookware? Or do you think trace amounts of cold-pressed options are ok as a seasoning polymer?

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I’d expect there to be some basic human RCT evidence if they were as bad as claimed.

This one may be worth a read, or skim


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I still haven’t found good studies on seed oils. OC you want to make sure what you use isn’t rancid, but until I see any decent data at all, my default assumption is going to be that it’s a grift.

Mostly agree with the nonstick but I will always keep one around to use for omelettes. I’m sure a steel on can be used but I don’t lose sleep over using nonstick medium heat and below.

Other advice all seems solid, thanks. Any thoughts on iodine?

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Thanks as always Myles. I feel like you’re the person to ask, but any suggestions on good kitchen cleaning products? Specially after sponge/scrubber that’s not going to break down and leave microplastics around.

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